A New Way to Integrate Everything (and describe your work)

A New Way to Integrate Everything (and describe your work)
Like many of you, I have a lot of different projects going on and a lot of different things I love. Kellie Adkins (featured here) named it well: multipassionate. And while every part of my life is related to every other part, I hadn’t yet figured out any one way to describe what I do without using the slash. But on a recent retreat that I was co-leading, I had the realization that everything I do falls under one umbrella. What I do, what I care about more than almost anything, is reminding people who they already are.
All my fiction centers around that theme. I talk about it when I teach yoga. It’s what I focus on in my personal relationships. It was even what I did when I worked in science.
This realization made me start thinking about defining ourselves in different ways. What if we define ourselves not by the things we do, but by the overriding belief, love, passion, or value under which everything we do lives?
If this resonates with you, consider taking a step back from the events of your world and look instead for the umbrella. I find this has helped me describe what I do much more easily — not because I use that as a tagline, but because it helps me center my attention on how to write about myself. I want to be sure that what I care about most is what shines through. For an exercise to help solidify what it is you do, check out the Creative Jumpstart column and see where it brings you.

If you’d like to bounce ideas off me (and anyone else who wants to weigh in), feel free to leave a comment below!

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