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 Writing Your Bio 

As it turned out, I needed a little inspiration myself for writing an exercise that might help you write a bio, so I went to my friend Google to see what I could find. I read many pages on writing a bio, and I found one that was so fun, easy, and smart that I’m just linking to it here so you can check it out yourself.  

It’s from the blog of Alexandra Frazen, who as far as I can tell is a fabulous writer and writing coach. Besides this great way to write a bio, she’s also got a wonderful bio example up on her “About” page. 

Thanks, Alexandra, for writing this column for me!

And while I’m at it, Google also found these for your bio-writing pleasure:

Really good tips on writing a bio by a yoga teacher & writer

Mashable’s cool take on how to write a twitter bio. 

Tips for crafting your yoga bio from Yoga Alliance

Letter From Lori: Writing Your Best Bio

5 Tips for Writing Your Best Bio

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