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Weekly Coaching, Accountability, Inspiration, and Planning Calls to Help You Write Your Book

We all need a champion sometimes, someone who truly sees us and what we can do. Someone who reminds us how powerful, courageous, and necessary we actually are.

When it comes to writing your book, I find this to be invaluable.

Sometimes we can start the book, or even write a good chunk of it, and then we get lost and aren’t sure what to do next.

Sometimes we need someone kindly reminding us what we say we care about, and then helping us set deadlines to actually do those things.

Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with how big writing a book feels, and we need someone to help break it into pieces that feel good and do-able.

Don’t worry! All writers go through this.

I have no doubt at all that you can write, finish, and publish the book you want to write. As your champion, here are some of the ways I can stand up for you and what you want to write:

  • Look at your book vision and your life and create a way they work together
  • Sequence a personalized yoga and breathwork practice for writing and creativity
  • Remind you how amazing you are
  • Help you figure out what to write next
  • Talk through any blocks that are keeping you from creating, and come up with a plan to melt them away
  • Set a do-able writing schedule or plan
  • Help you work out your Table of Contents or outline
  • Talk through mindsets that keep you from writing what you want to write
  • Work out ways to tell your story in the way that is best for both you and your book
  • Set deadlines, if you like them
  • Create accountability benchmarks or check-ins on writing goals
  • Create a long-term plan or schedule for writing
  • Remind you how amazing you are
  • Point out how to use your strengths to write your book
  • Go over sections of your book
  • Discuss best publishing options
  • Oh, yeah, and…remind you how amazing you are

Lori was AMAZING in helping me write my book, from beginning to end. I knew the first time I got an email from her that she was the perfect person to edit my yoga and weight loss book. I loved the fact that she is a yogi and could relate to the topic of my book. She supported me every step of the way, helping me to create better content, grammar, and punctuation. She was always available and responsive on email, which I greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend Lori as an editor and writing coach. Thank you Lori for your talents, love and support!

Kathleen Kastner

Author, Yoga's Path to Weight Loss: A Mind Body Spirit Guide to Loving Yourself Lean

I am fascinated with the creative process and the mindsets that make writers successful. I’ve spent years studying both those things and using that to help people write the books they want to write. And as such, I’ve learned and practiced countless ways to champion people to write their books.

Having a champion means you never have to wonder, “Am I doing this right?” — because you’ll know you are.

Or think, “Well, who besides me cares if I do this or not?” — because you’ll know I care.

Or beat yourself up for not doing something you want to do—because together we will look at what keeps you from writing your book, set up a plan that feels right, and then make sure it happens.

You’ll have someone to ask questions of and discuss ideas with. Someone who takes the time to understand you and what you are trying to do — and then helps you do it.

As your champion, I am there for support, for accountability, for questions. For whatever you need.

I know you can write and finish the book you want to write. If you’re unsure, for any reason, consider letting me be your champion.


Champion Check-Ins Include:


• A month (4 weeks) of 30-minute Skype or phone calls.

• Personalized support, conversation, accountability, planning, advice, and anything else you need.


A champion will always remind you who you are and what you say you care about…and then they will help you be and do more of that.

And, since a champion is (almost) always there for you, here’s an added bonus:

Free email support whenever you need it (um—as long as you need it M-F during normal business hours, Pacific Standard Time).

I will be your champion for as long or as short a time as you need.

If this is for you, email me to schedule (or ask questions) by clicking on the button to your right.

Champion Check-Ins

Four 30-minute calls + unlimited email support: $185

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