how it works

The process is easy and will take very little of your time and energy.


1. Consultation: In a short, free phone call (10-30 minutes, depending on the project), we chat about the projects you have, the spirit of your message, its audience, your unique voice, and your time frame. This lets me hear who you are and how you speak so I can get that more into your writing, and also lets you hear who I am to assure it’s a good fit. There is no charge for this. When we work together, phone calls and emails are generally off the clock unless you prefer to do much of the editing via phone calls. Talking to you is key for me to edit your work in the way you want, especially if you need some guidance getting your voice into your writing.

2. Estimates and Approval for Shorter Work: We can give you a general estimate when we talk, but to give you an accurate estimate I really have to see the job. Editing needs vary widely: some writing requires only basic proofreading for grammar and punctuation; some writing needs rewriting and restructuring. Most writing needs some combination of both. If your total writing is fewer than 10 consecutive pages or if you have many short items (brochures, fliers, web content, newsletters, etc.), there is no charge for this estimate. Send me the document and I will give you an idea of what your project will cost.

When you accept the estimate, you send us your documents along with a non-refundable retainer of $95, equal to one hour’s work. I then edit one of the documents and send it back for your approval. Once you approve our style, I complete the project. If you decide not to continue, the edited piece is yours to keep and considered paid in full by the retainer. I invoice either every two weeks or at the completion of the project, depending on what makes the most sense for you and your project.

3. Estimates and Approval for Longer Work: For those of you who have written a teacher training manual, book, or other substantial piece of writing, I base the estimate on how much I can edit in one hour. To make this estimate, send me the beginning of the work (or, if you’d prefer, the section that’s giving you the most trouble). There is a non-refundable retainer of $95 due at the time of this submission. I will see how far I get in an hour and then talk to you about the estimated time to complete the whole work. If you decide not to continue with Yoga: edit, the edited piece of your work is yours to keep, paid in full by the retainer.

With longer works, it is important to know that the initial edit may not be the final one. The first time through tends to be for rewriting and reorganizing, with quite a bit of back-and-forth between us to make sure everything is clear. A final proofread that catches typos, spelling, grammar, etc., happens only after all other writing/editing is finished. Otherwise, we end up doing the proofreading more than once.

Here are some examples of projects and how long they took. For more examples, read the What Clients Say pages.

• Workshop descriptions for flyers and website: 5-20 minutes each
• Resumé rewrite: 30 minutes – 2 hours
• 75K-word book substantive edit and final proof: 15 hours
• 48K-word book light proofreading: 3.5 hours
• Kids’ yoga coloring book w/ text, substantive edit of copy: 5.6 hours
• All copy & organization for extensive website (approx. 40 pages of copy ): 32 hours

4. I Edit (…because that’s what I do): After you sign your approval, send me the rest of your document. I go to work and edit like mad. Once I am sure your work is beautifully clear and clean and will make you proud, I send it back to you, ready to go.

5. You Receive Your Polished Work Back and Publish to Great Acclaim: Or, at least, to lots of love from your students, who understand every word you wrote and are no longer distracted by dangling participles.

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