Letter from Lori: Defining What we Do

loripic_cropFor many of us who make our way as entrepreneurs in the world (and yes, that includes most yoga teachers whether you own a studio or not), the new Mandatory Career Punctuation these days seems to be a slash. In other words, we can’t just say something simple like, “I teach yoga.”


And why can’t we? Because most of us do so much more than that. You might be a yoga teacher / studio owner / psychotherapist / life coach. Or a
PhD in environmental science / yoga teacher / somatics teacher / activist. Or me: a writer / editor / yoga teacher / former studio owner, with a background in marine biology and an on-going fascination with all things science. (Like me, you might have slashes AND commas in your self-description!)


And most likely, you draw on all your experiences in the programs you offer or the way you teach. So when it comes time to write up a workshop or a class description or describe what you do, you might find yourself writing pages of explanation, unsure how to tie it all together.


The totality of who we are can be challenging to sum up. Kellie’s story, below, is a great example of someone who found her best way to do it. This whole issue is dedicated to defining what we do in a way that includes all of it. I hope it offers you some insight as well!


Much love ~

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