Letter from Lori: The Elusive Voice

loripic_cropIt’s been a looooong time since I’ve written a newsletter! I do have a good reason, though: I’ve been working like mad to finish my novel, yippee! (And P.S.: I also got engaged!!!).
Now I’m off to the next step of querying agents to find one who’s the perfect match for both me and my book. Finding an agent or editor means finding someone who gets your voice, both as a person and as a writer.
Understanding what is meant by “voice” can be a confusing thing for many of us writers. In the broadest sense, it means the way in which we tell the world who we are. You would think that finding our “voice” would be easy. We are, after all, each of us unique, so talking and/or writing in a unique way should come naturally.
You might think that, but — for most of us — it isn’t true. Since the inception of Yoga:edit, what I’ve found most of my clients need is not line-by-line proofreading, but someone who can make their words sound like them. In other words, they need me to help them find their voice. And these are people who teach everyday, some of them to more than a hundred people in every class.
Each of these clients already has a clear voice when they teach, but when it comes to writing they have a hard time sounding like themselves. Too many of us think that when we write non-fiction (such as about yoga) we need to take ourselves out of the picture and write like detached scientists. But that isn’t why our students love us, or what will make someone want to read our book or article. What makes people want to read what we’ve written is authenticity. People want to connect with writing that feels real, engaging, and alive. And that means finding your voice.
If you feel as though your writing is not highlighting your truest self, check out the Top 5 Ways to Find Your Writing Voice, below. It’s aimed specifically at yoga teachers, but I find these exercises useful in all my writing whether fiction or non-fiction.
Your students love you because you’re YOU. Let your original and fabulous “you-ness” be not just heard, but also read.
Much love ~

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