loripic_cropHave you ever tried to start a project that felt huge, only to find you were so stuck on the idea of how big the project was that you couldn’t seem to start? If any of you have every tried to write a yoga teacher training manual (or a book of any kind), you might have experienced this.

Getting started is, for many of us, the first big hurdle: especially when it’s our first time tackling something that just feels so darn HUGE. How do we begin to distill our life’s work into writing? How do we decide which topics merit inclusion and which don’t? How do we make sure we don’t leave anything out, or that our writing captures our deepest beliefs?

In this issue of Re:vision we are tackling a more concrete subject than usual: How to begin. After writing my own Teacher Training Manual, a few novels, and editing/co-writing yoga books for many clients, I have found a system that seems to work for me whether it’s nonfiction or fiction, a pamphlet or a longer work. If you’re setting off on the fabulous journey of putting yourself on paper, I hope some of the ideas in this issue are helpful and serve you well.

Much love ~


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