Letter from Lori: Writing Your Best Bio

loripicTelling the world who we are is, for many of us, one of the most challenging things to do. If you’ve ever had to write a bio, you have probably struggled at least some with how to capture your unique tone and voice and history and life and then put all of that into a short narrative that doesn’t make you sound exactly like everyone else.


When I first started Yoga:edit, I thought that mostly what people would hire me for would be to catch typos and grammar mistakes. As it turned out, most people hire me because they are having a hard time getting themselves into their writing. This is especially true for bios.


What I’ve found is that often all it takes is a different way of looking at a bio to turn it into something that really represents YOU. After having three different people contact me this week alone asking for help combining all the disparate elements of their life into a bio that sounds like them, I figured that many of us must struggle with this same thing. So I dedicate this newsletter to tips on writing a bio.


Oh – and if you have specific questions about writing your bio, or any comments that might help others, you can now post them on the new and improved Yoga:edit website, which features all past newsletter content in an interactive format. Yay, technology!


Much love ~






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