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Lori Snyder, E-RYT, MPW (Masters of Professional Writing)

In a freak accident of nature, Lori Snyder somehow became both an editor and a Vinyasa yoga teacher. Suffice to say, she really likes things to flow. She is the founder and former co-owner of Om Shala Yoga in Arcata, California, where she taught yoga and wrote everyone’s bios, workshop descriptions, and website content, along with a teacher training manual. She also edited every other piece of writing that passed through the studio. Meticulously. So meticulously, in fact, that she probably (or, er, definitely) completely irritated her business partners.

As well as teaching yoga, Lori has taught creative writing, essay writing, and language arts (the subject formerly known as English) in schools, yoga studios, and through private tutoring. She has edited countless student papers and tons of yoga-related work, including an early version of Max Strom’s book, A Life Worth Breathing.

On the writing front, Lori earned an MPW (Masters of Professional Writing) degree from USC in 2000 and had the privilege of being mentored by the brilliant Hubert Selby, Jr., author of Last Exit To Brooklyn and Requiem For A Dream. Her short story, “The Intimate Funeral of Carlos J. Padrero,” was published in the literary journal Bellowing Ark and nominated for the Pushcart Prize, the Best of the Small Presses Award. If you’d like to read it, click on the title. She writes middle grade fiction, primarily fantasy, and is at work on her second book as her first one looks for a home.

On the yoga front, she has studied with her primary teacher, Max Strom, since 1996 and has completed teacher trainings with both Max and Erich Schiffmann. She has taught yoga since 2003 and now also offers a YA Registered 200-hour teacher training program. In 2008, Lori and two other teachers opened the premier yoga studio in California’s North Coast, featuring over 50 classes per week, massage, sauna, and boutique. She has since sold the studio to her partners and returned to her home in Venice, California, the city of her dreams, and is ridiculously happy about the whole thing.

Lori teaches yoga at — and attends — the SCBWI National Writing Conference annually. She also corrects grammar in her head every time she reads anything. She can’t help it.

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Liz Delaney, E-RYT and co-owner of Greenville Yoga, came to editing in 1997 as a proofreader for Graphic Orb, an advertising agency in Studio City, CA, where she previewed and proofread movie posters, ads and print materials for several years. During that time, she went back to school and earned her teaching degree from University of Southern California. In 1999, she left the world of advertising and became a proofreader and editor for fourth graders…which means she has lots of practice in catching the most basic—and often overlooked!—grammar mistakes.

In 2000, Liz met Max Strom and began to practice with him regularly. (This is also when Liz and Lori met and became friends; one more reason to adore Max!) Practicing with Max led to taking his teacher training course and then, eventually, to teaching yoga. In 2003, she and her husband—another Max student—opened their first yoga school in Greenville, South Carolina, followed in 2009 by a second location. Liz creates, writes, and edits print materials, flyers, the website, teacher bios and the weekly blog for both schools. She also teaches and does everything else needed to keep a yoga school up and running.

Liz is particularly happy when she can help yoga teachers and studios make their website copy understandable and their websites themselves easy to navigate. She has worked with Max Strom on both an early version of his first book, A Life Worth Breathing, as well as on his second book, There is no App for Happiness. She looks forward to helping you share your view of the world in a professional, organized, and, of course, well-edited manner. Liz blogs at Luminous Heart Yoga.