what clients say

Here is a smattering of love from various clients. I know that reading through these can take some time, but this is truly the best way to really get an idea of what it’s like to work with us.

Where applicable, I have noted what we were hired to do and how long it took. This might help give you an idea of time frames for different projects. If you’d like more listings of project lengths, scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Many thanks!

Easy toBook.cover.medium work with and brilliant, Lori Snyder was so helpful in editing my work while keeping my voice and message intact. Highly recommended.
Max Strom, author of There Is No App for Happiness: How to Avoid a Near-Life Experience and  A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master’s Handbook to Strength, Grace, and  Healing and founder of Sacred Movement/ Exhale Los Angeles.



Sarah Lynn, owner, JourneYoga (Virginia)

I have NO idea how you got so much thought and detail into that manual in such a short amount of time! You are amazing and inspired me to look a bit at my words. Thank you so much. And yes. You can totally use that sentence as a testimonial, but I didn’t say it for that reason. I am simply amazed by your speed, efficiency and professionalism! Again, thank you for your patience AND diligence. You are fabulous!


~ Sarah Lynn, owner of JourneYoga, lead teacher of 200- and 300-hr teacher trainings and an 85-hr prenatal training.
Project Time ~ TOTAL for editing of prenatal teacher training manual, along with glossary: 11.93 hours. (First round, full edit: 5.13 hours. Second round, incorporating comments: 1.35 hours. Glossary edit: 1.3 hours. Final proofread: 4.15 hours.)


 Kathleen Kastner, Transformational Wellness Coach and 16-yr yoga studio owner

Lori was AMAZING in helping me write my book, from beginning to end.
I knew the first time I got an email from her that she was the perfect person to edit my yoga and weight loss book. I loved the fact that she is a yogi and could related to the topic of my book. She supported my every step of the way, helping me to create better content, grammar, and punctuation.She was always available and responsive on email, which I greatly appreciated.
I highly recommend Lori as an editor and writing coach. Thank you Lori for your talents, love and support!

~ Kathleen Kastner, Author, Yoga’s Path to Weight Loss: A Mind Body Spirit Guide to Loving Yourself Lean.
Project Time ~ TOTAL for full edit of Yoga’a Path to Weight Loss: 9.7 hours. (First round, general editing notes for book: 2 hrs. First detailed edit on book: 3.4 hours. Final proofread: 4.3 hours.)


 Mara Sievers, owner, Concord Pilates Studio (New Hampshire)


I opened my first Pilates studio in March 2011 in Concord, NH. Since then, I’ve moved into a new location, which was a huge and exciting step. Of my daily tasks, I enjoy the business aspect as much as the teaching aspect. But, like all of us, there are just some things I’m good at and some things, well…not so much. Writing is definitely one of the latter. In Alón Sagee’s newsletter, I read about Lori and her specialization in writing for yoga teachers and studios. Even though I own a Pilates studio, I’m also a RYT (registered yoga teacher) and received my 200-hour training through YogaWorks. I think that yoga and Pilates have similar intentions behind their movements, so I didn’t see a conflict at all in working with a yoga specialist. In fact, I loved the heart-centered approach that Lori brought to her writing. I’m personally not that good in expressing that (in writing).

But let me back up for a second.

Initially, for the first year and a half, I wrote my newsletter myself. But with my lack of writing skills, I knew that this was one of the first things I needed to outsource. It was just too much effort, it took me way too long, and I was way too critical. I first started by bartering with one of my students who was a journalist.

When this student moved to a different city, I started working with another colleague. Through this, I gained a lot of experience in how to work with other people. And honestly, I noticed that it’s sometimes hard to express to a writer what it is that you’d like to get across. When I finally decided to start working with Lori, I was immediately impressed with her professionalism. Working with her was extremely easy.

We had a phone conversation first in which we decided on how we would work together. After that we usually communicated through email. Even though she usually focuses on editing, she was open to actually writing some paragraphs when I needed help with that. Did I mention that English is my second language? I grew up in Austria, speaking German, until I moved to the US five years ago, so having someone to write for me at times was extremely helpful. She was open to making herself familiar with the email software I was using and made my life easier that way, too.

But definitely the best part was that Lori knows exactly the day-to-day business of a yoga studio. She knows about building community and encouraging students. She knows how to be loving while teaching, but also how to point out what doesn’t work for a student.

Each time she sent me a draft of the newsletter and I read through it, I was blown away by how much it felt as if she was part of the studio, when, in fact, she’s on the other side of the country! Over and over again, I commented to her how perfect her writing was, how she was able to capture the mood I wanted to get across.

I’ve also worked with Lori on a few blog articles I wanted to get out, and she did a great job as always. I really appreciate her attitude of being open to anything I need. As an (almost) one-person business, at this point I cannot afford to outsource a lot of things. So when I do, I need to make sure the investment is worth it. And with Lori, it is! I cannot say enough good things about her. She’s just fabulous. (I’ve never met her, by the way.)

If you’re in the field of yoga (or Pilates), you shouldn’t hire anyone else! She’s the one you need!

~ Mara Sievers, Owner, Concord Pilates Studio.
Project Time ~ Initial phone call: 30 minutes (off the clock). Each newsletter write-up: 15 – 30 minutes


Kellie Adkins, Owner, Wisdom Method School of Yoga and Vibrant Yoga Business Coaching

I hired Lori because of her specialized knowledge of the yoga industry. I wanted someone knowledgeable and experienced who could go through my yoga school curriculum with a fine tooth comb.


My short-and-sweet story is that I’m programmed to introspect, reflect, dissect, and then use that energy for transformation. I came to yoga and mindfulness early because of a tremendous amount of inner pain. And — like many — after realizing the benefits, I wanted to share it with others. I began teaching therapeutic yoga in 2007 and I still love what I do. But the reality check of trying to make it in the conscious business world hit me hard. I tried to make it as a free agent teacher, then as a yoga studio owner then as a private yogini / health-coach for hire.


Trying to make it as a conscious entrepreneur is tough, especially if you’re also a multipassionate creative-type. I struggled solo for many years and made all the mistakes. But with support, some deep healing around my relationship to self-care and prosperity (hint: it’s all connected!), and a little clarity with my creativity, I built a thriving conscious business model that uses my strengths, suits my personality, and supports my family. Now, my mission is to educate, elevate, and empower other conscious creatives to heal and transform themselves from the inside out and to let that transformation ripple into a thriving business doing what they love.


Lori came highly recommended. Our initial work together was so promising that I hired her to edit all the copy on both of my websites. Lori has a sharp eye for sparkling copy and her stellar edits made the text on each of my websites shine! Lori also edited and gave excellent feedback on the most effective layout for several teacher training manuals. Lori’s work is invaluable to those of us who craft a living with our creative energies, and her enthusiasm and encouragement is contagious! I look forward to future collaborations with Lori and highly recommend her!

Project Time: For website editing and proofreading, both sites, 7.75 hours. For a beginning organization of her teacher training manuals, ~ 6 hours. 


 Cori Martinez, owner, Asha Yoga (Sacramento) 


I love writing, although I have no formal training. I also love teaching, and not just the alignment of a yoga pose, so I am very comfortable talking about my experiences living and practicing yoga. I have taken marketing classes and had a great business coach to guide me in “selling” yoga effectively. BUT I was still spending hours and hours of unfruitful time working on letters, articles, small paragraphs, brochure content, etc., that I hoped would convey the heart of my message in a powerful and authentic way. Often after hours and hours of writing, editing, rewriting, re-editing and so on, I would still not be satisfied with the piece.

That’s what brought me to Lori. What I love about working with her: She understands yoga AND has worked with a business coach herself for many years, so she also understands the business of promoting your services, yourself, and yoga through the copy you write. She spent time to get to know me — my communication style, my personality, my teaching philosophy — before she edited anything, so that the final piece would reflect my sensibilities. And she is fast.

I almost hired an editor who cost a lot less, purely for the savings. But then I attended a lecture on the importance of using an editor or copywriter who understands (and ideally specializes in) your industry. So I took the plunge and was SOOOOO happy! The first piece Lori edited/rewrote for me was perfect. (Plus, she did in less than 2 hours what I couldn’t do after two weeks of working on the piece.) It was so exciting, and such a relief! I feel so lucky to have found her.

~ Cori Martinez, E-RYT 500, Owner, Asha Yoga (Sacramento, CA)
Project Time ~ Rewrite of Teacher Training marketing letter: 1.6 hours


 Michael Brantl, Owner, Four Winds Yoga (New Jersey)


I’m a long-time athlete, golfer, yogi, and a former marathoner, and I also own Four Winds Yoga studio in New Jersey. I had written a book on yoga for golfers and knew I needed an editor to tighten it up and give it a good once-over. I found Lori and Yoga:edit because we shared a business coach, yoga business coach Alón Sagee. Alón told me that Lori was my editor and that she had a lot of experience with yoga books. I trusted him, and so I called Lori and we began to work together. She edited just one chapter first to make sure it was the right fit, and it was. The work we did together was prompt, concise, and done with clarity and professionalism, even though we are on different coasts and file sharing and time differences made it more difficult.

Now my book, The Empowered Golfer: Yoga for Optimal Golf Performance, is published and available. I chose to self-publish to have it available immediately for clients and conferences where I speak. Thank you, Lori!

~ Michael Brantl, Owner, Four Winds Yoga, NJ, E-RYT 500, and TPI Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. 

Project Time ~ Substantive editing of 60K-word book, 3 drafts plus final proofread: 15 hours


 Christine McArdle Oquendo, E-RYT 500

about-christine-photoWorking with Lori Snyder for your editing needs is an absolute privilege! Not only does she edit impeccably, bringing clarity and style to your work, but Lori is also extremely intuitive and intelligent. She accompanies your thoughts with ease and is quick to make suggestions that clearly enhance your message.

I was terrified to hand my work to someone who did not understand yoga. Lori was an answer to my prayers. She has the heart and integrity of an exemplary yogini. In her business dealings, Lori is honest and sincere, committed and professional. I really can’t imagine giving my writing to anyone else. Working with Lori has both been a blessing and a privilege. My manual is about to be published and I am sure that having it edited by Lori helped this to happen. I highly recommend her skills and heart to anyone.

~ Christine McArdle Oquendo, M.Ed., 500 RYT, Founder of Om Shree OmThe Mind, Body and Spirit of Teaching Children’s Yoga. Based in Spain.


 Debbie Dixon, Owner, Seven Hot Yoga (Seattle)


ad832a9ef6d99a17e0e35ac7a9a2f2a1I am a mom, yoga teacher, business owner, lover of life, and artist of the word who derives energy, fulfillment, joy and happiness from watching others begin to discover that the life of their dreams is within their grasp. As a yoga teacher and a guide, I remind people how to view life as a series of miracles unfolding everywhere. I remind them to wake up with enthusiasm and excitement for what the day ahead will reveal. I love to guide people to live outside their comfort zone and to expect more from life.

I have designed a workshop that enables people to take ownership of their lives. As dreams unfold, blocks are revealed. As we cast light on these blocks, they dissolve, clearing and illuminating the path to true happiness! I teach people to begin to recognize what “currency” speaks to them. We all have our own currency aside from money. My currency has always been the letters, thank you notes, emails and testimonies from people who have had life-changing experiences through this program. I am not satisfied until I see that shift, that flicker of light in the eyes of my audience that says they have a renewed energy or zest for life.

Like the lotus flower that travels through murky waters, guided only by the faint light in the distance to finally blossom at the first nourishing, comforting  warmth of the sun, I found myself ready to bloom.  I decided it was time to write a book. At first it was as if the flood gates just opened: everything came rushing out all at once. The challenge was getting it all on paper as quickly as I could! After a few months of writing I looked at the what I had created and thought to myself, “Now what?” Although the content was there, I lacked the structure to properly deliver it.

I woke the next morning with the thought in mind that I needed help. Once the request is made the wish is granted: I found an email waiting from Lori Snyder at Yoga:edit, introducing this new service. When I called her, she was very interested in wanting to know exactly what I hoped for the book. She asked me in detail about the message I was trying to get across through my writing. When she felt she was clear on what I needed, she suggested that we not yet do a full edit, that instead she spend an hour looking through my manuscript and send me some organizational thoughts that might help me move ahead.

She was the answer to my request! When she sent me back my manuscript with suggestions and an outline, I once again had structure and flow. I saw the end result and was inspired again to write. Her suggestions were simple, creative, and to the point! Most of all, it was truly worth every penny! I want to thank you, Lori!

~ Debbie Dixon, Owner, Seven Hot Yoga (Seattle, WA) and Dreamz Realized
Project Time ~ Total to final edit of book: 16 hours (Read first 25 pages of manuscript and created outline for entire work: 1 hour. Final edit and proofread of full book: 15 hours.)


 Janet Rae Humphrey, Yoga for Stability (Arizona)


I entered yoga teacher training after a lifetime of medical problems, many of which resolved when I started doing yoga. I was 66 when I became a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. Since I knew I wanted to teach seniors, I took additional training in yoga anatomy and therapy with Martin Kirk, and then taught yoga to seniors at Duke Integrative Medicine and with BoomerPlusYoga.

I wrote a chair yoga brochure to take to senior living facilities and yoga studios. It took me a month to write and rewrite the two-sided tri-fold piece. I hand-delivered the brochure to 20 senior living facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, and yoga studios, and was hired to teach in five of them.

Nine months later I decided to add testimonies to the brochure and rewrite my biography. During this time I found Lori and Yoga:edit through the Internet. After reading several of her newsletters, I knew that she was the right person to help me.

Lori fine-tuned the brochure, rewrote my bio, and took my brochure from nice to fantastic. Her fee was very reasonable, and certainly the changes she made were more than worth the money I spent.

As an exciting side note, in August I made a video of my story, along with the stories of three of my students in their 90s, and submitted it to the YA Transformation Through Yoga Contest. I just won the contest and will have an all-expense paid trip to the Leadership Conference.

Although I use a number of chair yoga books, I find these resources limited and not very exciting. Consequently, I work actively to adapt mat poses into chair poses and even make up poses that will increase strength and flexibility. My next project will be to write a comprehensive chair yoga book. Certainly I will call on Lori to edit it.

Your time is valuable. Save time and let Lori work with you to have your words shine out brightly!

~ Janet Rae Humphrey, Yoga for Stability, Scottsdale, AZ.
Project Time ~ Edited one brochure: 27 minutes


Sarah Baroni, Owner and Designer, Baroni Designs (California)


I approached Lori with my first project request with some trepidation. I knew Lori to be remarkable as a yogi and a yoga teacher, but I was unsure if asking her to help with my business might be too removed from her yoga emphasis. As the owner of a jewelry company, I needed someone to create and write text for our catalog (which reaches 60,000 people) in an artful and articulate way.

I usually write the copy myself, but I was feeling rushed and unable to get into a creative space to make it happen.  I gave Lori a brief rundown of what was needed, including an idea of how I wanted the jewelry collections to be conveyed.  Within a day, Lori had turned in her “first” version — and it was perfect.  I was so happy that I had chills; finally, I had found someone who got the picture, who wrote clearly and with heart.  Most importantly, she conveyed the very message and voice that I envisioned, and it was perfect the first time around.

She responds quickly to my many rushed pleas; she is fast and efficient.  Even more importantly, she is positive, upbeat, a joy to work with, has great ideas, and is always smiling (even through her emails she shines). I would recommend her for any writing project.  She is a keeper, and it makes me so happy to work with her!!!!!!

~  Sarah Baroni, Owner and Designer, Baroni Designs (Arcata, CA)
Projects and Times Vary ~ about 10 – 30 minutes per collection write-up


 Anne Hofweber, Owner, Lunar Shakti Healing Ayurveda (Oregon)


I had recently opened a holistic healing practice devoted to helping women discover the benefits of Ayurveda and yoga and their own healing power within.  Although I had a very clear vision in my head of what I wanted my practice to look like, being able to express it in words was another story. I struggled with writing the content for my website for two weeks, until all of the words started to blend together and I knew I needed a fresh perspective.  I met Lori several years ago when I became a regular student in her yoga classes at the studio she owned, Om Shala Yoga, in Arcata, California. We stayed in contact when I relocated to Bend, Oregon, and she relocated to Venice. I was hoping that she would be the perfect solution, and I was right!  Because Lori understands the content on such a deep level, she was able to turn my words into well-formed sentences and paragraphs that clearly display what I am trying to express.  She even was able to make my bio sound more like me than I could!  See for yourself at www.lunarshaktihealing.com. Lori was an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services.

~  Anne Hofweber, Owner, Lunar Shakti Healing Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy (Bend, OR)
Project Time ~ Rewriting a bio and editing full website copy: 2.5 hours


Deborah Kagan, owner, Sacred Interiors, Atma Jewels, and Sensual Mojo Specialist


As I began putting my book together, I knew I needed some outside eyes to help me through the final process. I am forever grateful to Lori for her editorial wizardry. I was on a tight deadline to finish this book project, and Lori not only met every milestone, she came in early with the notes. Her upbeat attitude made the entire process easy and, even more important, FUN! Having Lori’s eyes on the book gave me peace of mind knowing she understands the material, has impeccable grammar, and is a professional writer herself. I knew doing this on my own would have lost me time and ultimately money. The investment in hiring a professional editor who understands your content material is one that will continue to reap a positive return forever — because the written word is forever, and my book is something that will reach women for years to come.

~ Deborah Kagan, creator of The Sensually Empowered Woman, owner/creator of Sacred Interiors and Atma Jewels, author of Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin, and Lead a Turned-On Life


Mel Johnson, yoga teacher & writer for elephantjournal.com


Lori has repeatedly and consistently provided me with wonderful suggestions for my work. As a yoga writer and entrepreneur I always need an extra set of eyes — and occasionally a censor — to give quality advice with a strong yet compassionate voice. Lori knows how to serve my writing in the most delicious fashion that is edible to a mass audience.



Jenna Morris, jMo5000 Publisher of Love, Survival, and the American Dream

9780989246927_iBooks_COVERLori Snyder helped us copyedit our recent release, Love, Survival, and the American Dream, the amazing, true story of Holocaust survivor Solomon Berger and his wife Gusta. Solomon “Sol” Berger is currently a speaker at the Museum of Tolerance and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, and his story is an experience for all who hear (or read) it. Love, Survival, and the American Dream is not only a powerful personal narrative, it is also an accurate historical account of triumph during one of the most devastating periods of human history.

Working with Lori Snyder on this project was everything we wanted from an editing experience. She was always very positive and supportive of our goals, and her spot-on intuition allowed her to really zone in on exactly what our project needed from an editor. She worked quickly and had our project finished even before she said she would (which therefore cost less as well). Lori is a joy to work with and an incredibly wise individual.

-Jenna Morris (jMo5000, publisher), publisher of Love, Survival, and the American Dream.

Project Time ~ Proofread only, 80K word book: 3.5 hours




Some examples of other projects and how long they took:

• Workshop descriptions for flyers and website: 5 – 20 minutes each
• Resumé rewrite: 30 minutes – 2 hours
• 75K-word book, substantive edit and final proof: 15 hours
• 48K-word book, light proofreading: 3.5 hours
• Kids’ yoga coloring book with text, substantive edit of copy: 5.6 hours
• All copy and organization for extensive website (approximately 40 pages): 32 hours