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Every writer comes to a point where we need to bring in someone else to help us move forward with, finish, or polish our book.

A point where we’ve done everything we know how to do and are ready for another set of eyes, someone who can see what to do to make sure our writing sounds like us and says what we want to say (in words people want to read).

This is the bulk of what I do.

Maybe you’ve started your book or teacher training manual and you have a chapter, a few sections, or maybe an entire first draft…well, first of all, YAY! Congratulations!

Or maybe you are getting ready to dive in and would love someone to edit sections as as you go to help you shape the whole book or teacher training manual. (If you’re writing a teacher training manual, part of what I do as an editor is help you figure out what to write when, so it’s all done in time.)

Or maybe you started writing a while ago, got stuck, and put it aside…and now you want to start again but have no idea whether you should jump back in from where you left off, start over, or keep some of it and not the rest.

Maybe you want to turn your teacher training manual into a book and aren’t sure how.

Or maybe the whole book is done and you need someone to proofread it to make sure it’s ready to publish or hand out.

No matter what you need, when it comes to writing or editing, I do it, including:

• Reading through parts of a first draft and creating an outline to help you finish the book
• Giving big-picture feedback to help you reorganize, add, or remove parts so that the book reads as a beautiful, cohesive whole
• Clarifying word choice and cleaning up sentence structure, so your writing is clear and powerful
• Helping you get your voice into your work
• Proofreading your final draft so it’s publishing-ready
• Suggesting new ways of saying things so your writing has your unique tone or carries more impact
• Writing — or helping you write — your book proposal and query letter so you can find an agent
• Leading you through researching and finding an agent — or doing this for you if you want
• Rewriinge your book for you if you’re stuck, or taking your notes (or scribbles) and turning them into a book or article or teacher training manual for you

Like the lotus flower that travels through murky waters, guided only by the faint light in the distance to finally blossom at the first nourishing, comforting warmth of the sun, I found myself ready to bloom. I decided it was time to write a book.

At first it was as if the flood gates just opened: everything came rushing out all at once. After a few months of writing I looked at the what I had created and thought to myself, “Now what?” Although the content was there, I lacked the structure to properly deliver it. I needed help! When I called Lori Snyder at Yoga:edit, she was very interested in wanting to know exactly what I hoped for the book. She asked me in detail about the message I was trying to get across through my writing. When she felt she was clear on what I needed, she suggested that we not yet do a full edit, that instead she spend an hour looking through my manuscript and send me some organizational thoughts that might help me move ahead.

She was the answer to my request! When she sent me back my manuscript with suggestions and an outline, I once again had structure and flow. I saw the end result and was inspired again to write. Her suggestions were simple, creative, and to the point! Most of all, it was truly worth every penny! I want to thank you, Lori!

Debbie Dixon

Author of Over the Rainbow: The Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams, and Owner, LiTT (Love is the Truth)

All editing or writing partnerships start with a phone or Skype conversation, which is free. This is so you can get a feel for me and I can get a feel for you and what you write, and we can make sure it’s a good match.

During that phone call, we’ll talk about what you need and, if you decide to work with me, set up a plan.


Editing & Writing Services:


• All editing and writing services are personalized to you, so each partnership is unique. I act as your editor, champion, and coach through the whole process.

• Every editing client has unlimited emails and often quite a few phone calls with me during the course of the work. Unless we end up doing the bulk of our communication via phone, these are all free. I only charge for the time I’m actually editing.


Good editing will take your book and carefully shape it into more of who you are and what you want to say.

To get an idea how long different types of editing take, here are real-life examples from some of my clients over the years.

• Skimming 100 pages of rough draft and creating an outline for the entire book: 1 hour
• Revising, editing, and final proofreading of ebook: 9.7 hours.
• Revising, editing, and final proofreading of prenatal teacher training manual, along with glossary: 12 hours
• 60K-word book, 3 rounds plus final proofread: 15 hours
• 80K-word book; final proofreading only: 3.5 hours
• 75K-word book; 3 rounds plus final proofreading: 15.5 hours
• 48K-word book; light proofreading: 3.75 hours
• Substantive editing of kids’ yoga coloring book, 3 rounds: 5.6 hours

If you need an editor or writer, click on the button to the right, and let’s set up a time for a free chat to see whether it’s a good fit.

Writing & Editing

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